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“The collaborative process will define our creative expression within ourselves so that we can give back to our community.”




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The Process~ The Practice~ The Artist is a collection of short stories and poetry that is based on Lindsay Schaefer’s journey in the arts and life. Lindsay shares with her audience a bit of her childhood and where the passion that was given to her at birth “The love for Movement and Creating” how it was nurtured, challenged, questioned, and supported to bring her to the professional she is today in multidisciplinary arts. The beautiful part about this book and her journey as a professional in dance and film is that she speaks with honesty and intention on the importance of process, hard work, dedication, and truly working on your craft each and every day to be the best Artist you can possibly be. The words Lindsay placed in The Process~ The Practice~ The Artist will give fellow artists the encouragement on those really hard days of study and give them the support they need to keep going even when that audition doesn’t go right, or the finances seem not to be there to go on in the jungle of New York City or wherever they maybe, and finally it may give other artists the positive push to listen to their own voice even when they are classified as the underdog.