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Kendra Brisco recently graduated from DeSales University in Center Valley, PA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Dance and TV/ Film. Kendra has been collaborating and growing with Artists in Unity since 2011. She has had the opportunity to work at two of the top dance festivals in the US: The American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, MA. Kendra has also had the opportunity to create promotional videos and full performance documentation for a variety of dance companies throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. She has worked most closely with AIU, creating not only promotional videos, posters and photos, but she has also collaborated on the creation of many AIU films. She has grown from her first project with AIU, working to create the Movement for You DVD, to her most recent work filming and dancing in “Threads of Kin.” Kendra has also been a part of “Silent Dance,” “Pathway,” “Petals of Love,” and the upcoming short titled, “Stillness.” Kendra has been involved from project inception all the way through to the editing and she is a committed member of the AIU team. She loves the constant collaboration and support of creative energy that the company generates. Kendra is excited to be in front of the camera for the second time for AIU’s next film in progress, “Landscapes.” She is thankful each and every day that her two worlds collide in such a beautiful way. 

“The collaborative process will define our creative expression within ourselves so that we can give back to our community.”




Kendra Collaborators Mike

Michael Kubel has had a camera in his hand from an early age. He went on to study photography at Penn State University where he was editor at the school’s “Daily Collegian.” As a photojournalist he has covered events including the Super Bowl, the World Series, and several Presidential inaugurations.  He has won several national awards for his work. Currently he is working at The Morning Call in Allentown where he covers current events, arts, and sports such as Philadelphia Eagles Football games, Calendar Photography for the Eagles Cheerleaders, and Penn State University Football games.   His love of dance photography and portrait work led him to working with Artists in Unity.  As an Artistic Photographer and Collaborator for Artists in Unity Michael has been involved with the following projects~ A photography Gallery at Touchstone Theater to represent AIU, Projection Photography for Sun, Earth, Breath: A Woman’s Circle a full length dance and multimedia piece for stage, Photography Stills for AIU’s Body Project work for stage and gallery, and Michael has shot from 2010 to present day for AIU for studio work for AIU choreography, film projects, and Movement for You Practice which highlights Yoga, Pilates, and Dance Movement.    Michael’s incredible passion and elite style of photography has connected him deeply to Artists in Unity for their future projects in film and photography.  In 2015, Michael will be laying the ground work for AIU through dance photography for AIU’s next project Landscapes~ A Dance Film that Speaks to the Earth.  

Joshua Starmer