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Lindsay Schaefer is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, and director/ producer for dance film and movement based projects.  Her professional career has taken her across the US to teach, choreograph, and perform in multiple disciplines in the arts.   Lindsay is the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity- a professional multidisciplinary collaborative company specializing in dance film and photography based projects.  www.artistsinunity.com  Silent Dance, Pathway, Release, Petals of Love, and Threads of Kin are some of the dance works that have moved to film under Lindsay’s direction and producing.  Her films have been in film festival circuit nationally and internationally. As founder and creator of Movement for You Practice~ a movement practice involving Pilates, Yoga, and Dance Conditioning a DVD was created in 2011 to document the practice for dancers and gymnasts.   Past training/performing for Lindsay has been- Temple University, Point Park University, Arizona State University, AZ Movement Source Company, Odonata Dance Project, NY Dance Collective, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Trinette Singleton, Merce Cunningham Studios, WAX, and Artists in Unity.   Her teaching and offering as an artist through residencies with AIU and personally have been at Arizona State University, NYC inner city schools, Chelsea Piers, Cibola High School and Yuma High School, Moravian College, Charter Arts High School, Lehigh University, and Cedar Crest College.  Lindsay’s voice through writing has been shared in Origin Magazine under their True Beauty section, Dance Enthusiast, Natural Awakenings, Yoga Stage, Movement for You blog, and Artists in Unity blog.  A collection of short stories and poetry are captured in Lindsay’s first book The Process~ The Practice~ The Artist.  www.artistsinunity.com and www.movementforyou.com

Passion to give

Passion to teach

Passion to perform

That is where my heart lies.

I strive to make a difference in all peoples’ lives in dance, multidisciplinary arts projects, my Movement for You Practice and beyond.  

I am strong and dedicated to the studio process and to giving to all students that come into my path for movement education, whether it be a young child, mother with child, or an intense dancer or artist reaching out for more.   My Movement for You classes focus on connecting with your own spirit.   A deep amount of attention is placed on personal focus. You then can leave class feeling capable to give more to others and to yourself.  

As for my choreography and attack with Artists in Unity (a multidisciplinary arts company), I set up a playground to be nurtured in!  The studio or wherever we are meeting to create is our place to play, grow together, and share the art of so many genres we love.  The pressure to create with deadlines is forgotten!  The pressure of having to do everything alone is forgotten! We rely on each other to create expressive, point driven, artistic projects with a passionate heart.  We create work that will touch on classical components and abstract aspects of dance/visual art/theater/photography/ and film.  The company also, includes yoga art based projects and pretty much any other discipline of creativity that makes a statement and connects with people personally- food/fashion/woodworking and beyond.   We are a company to step out of the box, take risks, and learn from each other on every artistic project that is before us.


As an artistic director of AIU, I strive to bring so many different artists into the pile of AIU. I strive to let their voices be heard through the works of AIU and collaborations with other artistic companies and organizations. I strive to make a difference with AIU within our local communities with teaching outreach, performances, and open rehearsals and open chats for the community to be a part of.  AIU will reflect the Lehigh Valley’s needs to understand multidisciplinary study.  We look forward to creating and presenting work that will stand strong in live presentation of music /theater /and dance.  We will take the extra steps needed to never fall away from live presentation of work.  AIU is not just one artist with heart/passion/ and creativity.  We are defined by a community of artists… a community of artistic hearts… that are all filled with artistic passion to share!

“The collaborative process will define our creative expression within ourselves so that we can give back to our community.”




Artist Statement